Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mustard Graffiti

Country Road Jumper/ Cheap Monday Capri's/ ZARA Mustard Bag/ Shari Wacks Necklace/ ZOMP Shoes/ Mink Pink Save Ferris Sunglasses

As you know TOPSHOP opened in Melbourne this week, so I thought instead of getting caught up in the hysteria (trust me I will soon, I just need a little space while I shop, hehe)  I would get lost  in the most amazing little alleyways and cafes of Melbourne city. 

While getting lost I found such talented artwork and a few little pieces from ZARA that I "had" to have.
So here is a collection of the pictures I took and an outfit post thrown in for good measure :)

Enjoy xx

Buy Shari Wacks HERE

Buy Cheap Monday HERE

Buy Mink Pink Sunglasses  HERE

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