Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crop Out

Mink Pink Jagger Jeans/ Witchery Knit/ Senso Qimatt Boots/ Michael Kors Watch/ SaboSkirt Rose Gold Chunky Bracelet/ Asos Bracelets

My love of cropped pants is becoming an unhealthy obsession, I cant stop myself from buying countless pairs. I am justifying this unhealthy past time by reminding myself that it is coming into summer and Melbourne's weather is as fickle as ever, so if I was to ever be caught out in it, cropped pants would be my complete saviour! 

In all seriousness though, copped pants are everywhere and are such a great altenative to jeans, if you are anything like me I seriously live in jeans, all colours, styles and prints. So getting into cropped pants/jeans is a nice change and I get to show off my countless different boots in their entirety, winning in both areas! 

In this shoot I am wearing the Mink Pink Jagger Jeans with my Senso Qimatt boots. I love an animal print paired with a basic knit and find that the knits simplicity balances out the more than often 'loud' print making it much easier to wear, think tamed jungle Vs Shaniqua from the Bronx!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Julia Bishop's wedding dress

Julia came to me last Saturday and asked me if I could work on her wedding dress. At first I wasn't sure since I was working on 2 other wedding dresses and a costume for Davis High School student that all needed to be done by this weekend. I took on the project since Julie was referred by her friend who was my client serval years ago. As you can see, it all worked out well. I only needed to do one fitting and the dress fit Julie perfect. It took me total of 10 hours to work on this dress.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Leonol C. of Davis, CA

Leonol is my regular client. She's fun person to work with. Leonol had me work on this navy dress for about a month. I've been really busy so I wasn't able to finish it until this week and she's been busy too doing research at UC Davis. Thanks, Leonol for being so patient with me. You're a great client!!!

Spring Has Sprung and The Boys Have Won


The Amazing team at Amuk : L-R Tessa Caroll (Designer of new Womans wear) , Dylan -Lee Hyne (Owner/Designer), Lee Elliott (Face of the brand) and Tom Langford (Owner/Designer)

Tom Langford (Owner/ Designer) and His Girlfriend Miranda Clarke

Myself and the Amazing Roc

Amuk launched their new Spring/Summer 12 range in Melbourne a week ago at the opulent Mon Bijou Penthouse in the heart of Melbourne. I was lucky enough to have a front row seat to see what the team had put together.

Amuk's calling card is that they make their tees from Pima cotton which has a softer and denser texture and is much more durable than regular cotton. Their new range as showcased features this throughout and their mix of basic staples are perfect to easily add to any wardrobe. As a female fashion blogger you would have heard me countless times talk about the importance of basics in a females wardrobe. This is no different for men, the most stylish male fashion icon's out there almost always team their outfits with basics. The range that I saw at the S/S 12 launch was effortless. A great pallette of colours were used  making it simple to add to items already hanging in your wardrobe. The mustard chinos were my absolute favourite, teamed with one of their basic pocket tees and its probably the easiest outfit you can wear without worry.

I cannot recommend this label enough and have completely decked out my BF in the new range (much to his approval). 

Definitely check this one out boys, before its all gone and your stuck wearing the same old, same old!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Britex Fabric Store in San Francisco

I had so much fun shopping at the Britex Fabric Store in San Francisco near Union Square today. I was looking for a perfect lace for my next wedding dress for my client Kari B. of Davis, CA. It took a while finding the right lace, but after 30 minutes, I found the right lace. I hope my client will like it too. The laces are on the 3rd floor for those of you who might be interested.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Surf and Turf

Sabo Skirt Lounge Tunic Top/ One Teaspoon Bandits/ Sportsgirl Boots/ Lovisa Skull Ring/ Magali Pascall Thin Rose Gold Rings/ Le Specs 'Elmo' Sunglasses/ Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

Its safe to say that One Teaspoon are one of my favourite aussie labels. and since they launched their 'Love Cats' collection, Ive pretty much wanted their whole new range. I am on their website at least once weekly, and last week saw these Bandits in the Navy Stripe and instantaneously had to have them, my life depended on it :) to my despair though they had sold out online, almost crying at this stage I made it my mission to find these in store before summer. 
I happened to be in Byron Bay last week and walked into this little boutique called 11:11 and lo and behold they had them in my size staring right at me, I literally almost kissed the shop assistant and purchased them straight away.
The reason I love the 'Bandits', is that they are so easy to wear with anything, the hem has a perfect line to it and its cuffed in all the right places, flattering any body shape.They come in such a multitude of colours and washes making it hard to choose but also suiting everyone's tastes. Needeless to say i am one happy lady :)


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Christine and Ryan Odell's Wedding Sunday, September 2, 2012

I got to attend Christine and Ryan's wedding last Sunday in San Francisco Zoo.  It was a lot of work working on her two wedding dresses since I only had 3 weeks to work on them, but I had a great time working with the bride.

Christine B. of Davis, California

I worked on two wedding dresses for Christine B for Sunday, September 2, 2012. Christine bought both dresses from American Cancer Society Discovery Thrift Shop (ACS) because she says, "ACS saves lives and creates a world with less cancer, more birthdays, and weddings." I took both dresses and made to fit Christine. We made many changes especially the second dress. I really enjoyed working with Christine. She was so creative that she helped me design her second dress. Enjoy!

Christine B. of Davis, CA Sunday, September 2012

Retro Rewind

Asos Floral Pencil Skirt (Similar Here) / Eleven Rain Drops Jumper/ Asos Heels (Similar Here)/ Sabo Skirt Rose Gold Bracelet/ Lovissa Skull Ring/ Joy Jewelery Peace Bracelet/  Michael Kors Watch

New Seasons designs are starting to show up all over the place now that we have officially skipped into spring, pencil skirts which were once kept purely for 'office wear' have been updated with bold colours and digital prints to inject that flair and vibrance that spring demands from us here is Australia. I found this particular pencil skirt when I was doing 'research' (As I like to call it) for floral prints and have noticed that since purchasing it from ASOS, floral or printed pencil skirts are everywhere!

I have gone for a retro feel for this shoot with a cropped lace jumper from Eleven Rain Drops to show the skirt off, keep it simple and make sure the actual print remains the talking point. Its quite the change from what I am normally wearing, but it's one of my favourite looks so far this year. I think this is definitely a look that every woman should work into their wardrobe.



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