Wednesday, October 31, 2012


TopShop Mens Camo Tee/ Cheap Monday High Waisted Jeans/ Spell Designs Necklace/ Isabel Marant Boots/ 
Mimco Bag/ Rayban Aviators/ Michael Kors Rosegold Runway Watch 

Get your camo on!!  I have to say that I am a bit partial to the odd camo piece of clothing, but only worn and styled very specifically, as it is way too easy to get this look totally wrong, ending up looking more GI Jane than fashion forward. 
Camo is filtering through certain designers at the moment and I recently walked into Topshop in Melbourne and spotted this baby. The only thing is, it was in the men's section. Men's tees are ridiculously comfy and at the moment fashion is favoring the loose fit rather that skin tight, so I opted to try on the smallest size they had and do a bit of DIY on it when I got home. 
To make this tee more female friendly I cut the sleeves off and rolled the hem to make a small cuff giving it  more of a muscle tee look, sewed the cuff and I was done!
If you want to try this look just make sure you use one piece of camo clothing and wear it with a basic block colour, I tend to favour black as it makes the camo the feature piece. Add your accessories; anything heavy or industruial works well and add some ankle boots and you have the look.


Monday, October 29, 2012

MK Timeless

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Michael Kors.

Michael Kors has just launched this limited edition Paris Runway watch and I am totally in love. This dazzling watch is an adaptation of the best selling Runway style. It is rendered in a rose gold tone with a diamond featured in the chronograph and pays homage to the iconic city of Paris. If you regularly read my blog you will see my Rose Gold Michael Kors Runway watch included in almost every post. 

"Arm Swag"  is being featured everywhere with so many prolific fashion mavens adopting the "more is more" look. I personally love this style and find that you can almost stack any amount of bracelets and bangles on your arm paired with a chunky manstyle watch ( I always use my Michael Kors watch as it goes with anything) and you have got the look.

Take a look at the new Michael Kors Paris Limited Edition Runway watch and make sure you enter the competion to win one of these beauties by simply #MKTimeless on Instagram or Twitter


Monday, October 22, 2012

There's nothing like working with "Silk."

V neck low back Silk Charmause dress/liner

You can wear this dress as a wedding dress or as a liner under a lace dress. This dress is made out of 100% silk charmause, but I could make it with satin polyester too for less.

Cost: $299 for silk  $99 for satin polyester

Pleated V neck top front and closed back, A line skirt

This dress comes in sizes 2 to 18. It's 100% silk charmause and the lining is 100% china silk. It's made to order. If you are interested, contact me at

Body Measurements (US) For this dress, I only need bust and waist size.

Bust                          30    30.5   31.5   32.5   33.5  34     36       38    40
Wait                          23    24      25      26      27    29     30       32    34
Back neck to wait     14    14.5   15      15.5   16    16.5   16.75  17    17.5
US Sizes                    2      4       6         8       10     12     14      16    18

Cost: $249

Ship within 14 days. Cards Welcome.

Claire H. of Davis, CA for Lanini's Wedding, October 20, 2012

Claire is wearing 100% silk charmause for fabric and 100% china silk for lining. The sizes are available from 2 to 18. This boatneck top with cowl back with straight/fitted skirt cost $299. I love working with silk. It's easy to cut and sew and also good for the environment.

Jamie W. of Tokyo, Japan December 22, 2012 Wedding

Jamie's mom, Donna found my website and thought I would be the perfect person to design Jamie's wedding dress so we met back in August of 2012. Jamie came out to California for 3 weeks from Japan this month so I finished her wedding dress so that she could take it back to Tokyo. It was so much fun to work with Jamie. She is so sweet and very easy to work with. We used Jamie's mom (Donna's) wedding dress for fabric. I used about 70% from Donna's dress and the other 30%, I used China silk. I love using old wedding dresses for fabric so we don't waste anything and plus, the client saves from buying new materials.

Kari L. of Davis, CA October 20, 2012

I had a great time working with Kari L. of Davis. Kari came to me back in May 2012 to see if I could design and make her a wedding dress since I worked on her twin sister Alli's dress last summer. I agreed but it took me longer than usual to finish her dress since I was traveling to South Korea and Japan this summer. Kari was very patient. It took me 5 months to finish her dress since I was working on other clients designs. Kari has beautiful skin and a natural looking face so we decided to just work with natural silk charmause as a liner and lace on top. I didn't put on any beads since she wanted the lace to be soft.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wheelin Around

Fox Forre Floral Blazer/ One Teaspoon 'Bandits' Shorts/ Sabo Skirt Lounge Tunic/ Senso Qimatt iii Boots/ Sabo Skirt Rose Gold Bracelet/ Le Specs 'St Elmo' Sunglasses


So this week has been one of those weeks...I am up, I am down and I am literally 'wheelin' around. Its Ironic that I am pictured here with a bike, as due to my mood(s) this week, one of my closest friends surprised me with a ride on his Aprilia RSV4 Factory. If you are anything like me I have absolutely no idea what that even means, all I know is that it is super fast and super amazing. The ride definately cleared my head and put the biggest smile back onto my dial!
 My little two wheeler 'pushie' pictured here though is going to have to do for now! ;)

Ok back to the fashion...I received these Senso Qimatt boots about a month ago and I have been seriously wearing the soles out of them. Wherever I go, people are stopping me to ask where they are from. They are the perfect balance between classic and unique, that puts the edge into any outfit. They look great paired with a pair of black skinnies, muscle tee and blazer, but I have chosen to wear them with my one teaspoon bandits as it was a sunny day out in Melbourne and I had to take advantage of it!

Hope you like it


Take a look on my Instagram for actual pics of me on the Aprilia RSV 4 @misslisao


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