Thursday, August 8, 2013

Future Vision

Styling: Elaine Marshall/ Lisa Ondaatje

Photography: Lydia Teh

Wearing: Maurie & Eve Anguish Tee and Misery Bomber/ One Teaspoon Mustang Baggies/ Wittner Leopard Topper Heels/ Karen Walker Helter Skelter Sunglasses

So I have been missing in action lately, sorry its been a hectic couple of weeks, so many exciting colabs and projects coming up that I cant wait to share with you all.

This is my shoot with a fabulous boutique called Miishu, its in Port Melbourne and stocks so many of my favourite labels making it the place for me to go when I need a wardrobe update or need to spoil myself, which is regularly!
I have an ongoing love affair with prints of any type so when I saw this fabulous matching bomber and tee from aussie label Maurie and Eve I couldn't resist putting it together for my latest shoot .
Don't be afraid to wear tops and blazers with matching prints or even clashing your prints as I have done with my leopard heels. Just make sure you don't go overboard! Try and keep some part of the outfit simple as I have done with the one teaspoon baggies.


Miishu Boutique
74 Bay Street
Port Melbourne, VIC
(03) 9646 9983

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Over All

Wearing: Topshop Overalls/ Windsor Smith Lilly Sandals/ Karen Walker 'Helter Skelter' sunglasses

Overalls, Dungarees, whatever you want to call them, they are on my top 5 favorite list. These beauties are from Topshop and a little bit vintage/boho-ish which I really like. There are heaps of denim variations out at the moment, but these pretty alternatives just caught my eye. Hope you all like them


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You are a Friend Of Mine

Wearing; Jet by John Eshaya White Thow over/ Friend of Mine Leather Dress/ Sporstgirl Motocycle Boots/ Ray Ban Aviators

Yep, still on the black and white bandwagon, i've added leather though this time! Effortless, chic and very in season. There are so many ways you can wear leather and so many leather styles at the moment. My heart skipped beat when I saw this buttery soft Friend of Mine dress. I am going to wear this right through winter layering it with shirts (worn underneath with tights) and dressing it up with heels and a man style overcoat.
Make sure you check out the massive sale they have going on at the moment, you will not be disappointed!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Noir et Blanc

Wearing: Topshop Black Tee/ Bonds Chunky Knit/ Helloparry Moment Wrap Skirt/ Wittner Bayard Heels/ Karen Walker 'Helter Skelter' Sunglasses

Yes, you are seeing me in another black and white ensemble....I cannot get enough, which I guess is not a bad thing as its so in season right now.
This was a rare sunny Melbourne day so I took the opportunity to get the pins out and shoot this amazing skirt from Hello Parry. Im not sure that any future posts going forward will have my legs out, its getting ridiculously cold here. I might be slightly exaggerating but I swear its the coldest its ever been!

Also have you noticed i'm not wearing my trusty Ray Ban Aviators! Yay, I have finally found something different in These Karen Walker beauties, very proud of myself   :)


Ps Find my daily outfit posts on my Insta Account @misslisao

Saturday, June 15, 2013

September Schofield of Davis, California

September bought her wedding dress online, but when she looked at her dress close she realized the dress was not made right and all the seams were coming apart.
I took the whole dress apart carefully and put it together correctly.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Busting out the Black and White

Wearing: Topshop Black Tee/ Junk Clothing Bustier/ ASOS Vintage Brady BF Jeans/ Wittner Bayard Heels/ Ray Ban Aviators

A simple colour palette goes so far in any ones wardrobe, and when I mean simple I mean blacks, whites, greys, denim etc. Its safe to say that any one of these colours/fabrics will go with just about anything you already have. Melbourne is definitely a mix of greys, whites and so much black, that in winter it is quite interesting to see how we coordinate our fashion wardrobes with each new winter season. Another talent that we have is layering, I don't think any other state in Oz knows how to layer as well as we do, hiding multiple layers and making it look more chic than snowman-like 
I have got to say I am loving the bustier over tees and long sleeved tops, the kind of  "Ive tried to look casual, but im definitely put together" look.
Anyway its something to think about and give it a go, experimenting :)


Photos: Nat Jane Photography

Thursday, May 30, 2013

ASOS State Of Fashion

Wearing: Witchery Knit/ ASOS Leather Skirt/ 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Bag /Ray Ban Aviators /Wittner Bayard Heels

Winter in Melbourne! It’s got to be my least favorite time of the year but it does have its plus sides to it. Melbourne is cold during winter, there is no way around it, whether  your outside or inside its cold and it feels like you are never, ever going to see a warm sunny day….ever! (lol slight exaggeration)
There are plus sides that I can see to a Melbourne winter and that is definitely winter fashion. If you asked me to sum up what Melbourne fashion is all about in winter, I would have to say lots of black, leather, and layering is the key. ASOS have put together a great event called ‘State of Fashion’ and as one of its bloggers, the above look is my take on Melbourne winter fashion. ASOS now want you to take part in this style challenge and style yourself in your winter look and represent your state, the lucky winner will receive a $1000 dollar ASOS wardrobe and ultimate ‘state cred’ as the best dressed .
I know my fellow Melbournians’ know that we truly are the style capital of Australia and I am hoping one of us takes the crown!

                                                                           Goodluck  ;)


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